where is god?

January 9, 2011

we had a torrential snow fall in my city tonight and i wasted no time in preparing myself for an evening of frolic. one of my most favorite things to do when a fresh blanket of snow covers the ground is to bundle up, find a beautiful spot somewhere under the bright night sky, and lay down in it.

and that’s exactly what i did tonight.

lying there, in the snow, staring up at the incredible sight of white-orange clouds and snow-covered branches, i had this thought like:

“here you are, God. if you’re real… if you’ve ever touched down on the earth… if you’ve ever revealed yourself… it’s right now. in this very moment. here you are… in every breath, in every sight, in every sound. the whole of you too great to take in, and yet you’re flooding my senses.

i could spend an entire lifetime, searching for you. painfully attempting to perfect myself until i finally found you. ridiculously obeying every tradition and religious regulation, waiting for you to finally ‘show up.’ and all along, this is where you’d be. pursuing me. from within my own life experience. from right here, right now. in this exact moment.”

it had stopped snowing by this point and peaceful serenity was all that was filling the space around me. but just as i finished my little speech to the universe, a single snowflake fell from the sky. as i watched it meander it’s way down, somehow it managed to land directly in my eye.

and i was certain that this great and incredible and large God was not so far away. in fact, he was closer than i could’ve imagined. and he was smiling. smirking happily as i was poked in the eye by a single, drifting flake of snow.

i hope that you too, wherever you may be, become acutely aware tonight that the universe is flooding in around you. that God is near, and that you are not alone.


cheers! a toast to 2011.

January 6, 2011

one week ago today, sitting beside my mom in front of a fireplace, in incredibly comfortable brown leather chairs, tucked away in a quaint ‘farm to fork’ lounge…

we rang in the new year with a cheers! and a toast to each other’s upcoming 2011.

so today, still in the infancy of this brand new year, i want to pass on my “Cheers!” to you as well.

and leave you with the same toast that i gave my mom last week at this time:


“May 2011 be the brightest star in the constellation
of your life, so far.”

how to begin?

the options are endless, really.
the classic, “hello world, join me on my journey, lets see where we go.”
the enthusiastic, “im going to change the world through this blog, so you better start reading.”
the passive-nonchalant  approach: “who knows where this is going to go, im doing it for me, read it or not, i don’t care.”

i think i’ll avoid all of the options and begin with a simple:

I like to scribble down thoughts.
And take pictures.
I think I’ll throw them on this blog.
So… see you around.

oh, and here’s a picture i recently took. i like it.

and ps. this is me. fyi.

my evening serenade.

January 5, 2011

YouTube – Ray LaMontagne – Let It Be Me.


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